Advice For Finding And Working With A Mechanic When Repairing A Vehicle With An Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are amazing resources for motorists that want to have long-term repair protection. If your vehicle ever does need a repair under this warranty, here are some protocols for finding the right mechanic and working with them.  Determine if you Have to Use an Authorized Mechanic  One way to narrow your search when looking for a mechanic to work on a car with an extended warranty is determining if they have to be authorized or not. [Read More]

What To Do If You Notice Performance Issues With Your Vehicles Transmission

Automatic transmissions are wonderful when they are working correctly, but they can be complex to repair if something goes wrong. The best place to go when your car's transmission is acting up is to a transmission repair shop that has the equipment and trained techs to diagnose and repair the problem for you. Slipping Transmissions One common that is problem in automatic transmissions with a lot of miles on them is slipping when they are in gear. [Read More]

3 Questions About Getting a Brake Inspection

Are your brakes not acting properly and do they need a brake inspection? If so, you likely have some questions about this part of routine car maintenance. Here are some things you should know about your vehicle's brakes and when you need a car technician to look at them.  1. Does Your MIleage Matter When Determining The Need For A Brake Inspection? Some people think that the need for a brake inspection only happens after a certain amount of miles, much like an oil change. [Read More]

A Guide on Diesel Truck Repairs

Diesel engines have high fuel efficiency for large trucks, reducing the cost of fueling the truck and minimizing refills as you run your errands. A diesel engine also has few internal components, and hence the repairs are cheap. You can maintain the high performance and fuel efficiency of the diesel truck through constant repair. Diesel truck repair differs significantly from the repairs of any other truck you may have owned before. [Read More]