Top 4 Indicators That It's Time For Windshield Replacement

The windshield plays an important role in protecting you from harmful external forces when driving. That's why you need to keep it in great shape at all times. For instance, you shouldn't hesitate to contact an auto glass expert if you notice cracks or chips. The expert will inspect your vehicle's windshield and advise you on appropriate repairs or replacements. Here are signs you should seek immediate windshield replacement from an auto repair expert.

Top 4 Indicators That Your Vehicle's Transmission Needs Servicing

The vehicle's transmission is the connection between the engine and the wheels. It transfers the power from the engine to the wheels when maneuvering it on the road. A transmission system works similarly whether your vehicle is manual or automatic. In manual systems, you start with the first gear and progress as the car gains speed. The automatics have a torque converter that automates the gearing and acceleration process. Here are the top four indicators that your vehicle's transmission needs servicing.

Advice For Finding And Working With A Mechanic When Repairing A Vehicle With An Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are amazing resources for motorists that want to have long-term repair protection. If your vehicle ever does need a repair under this warranty, here are some protocols for finding the right mechanic and working with them.  Determine if you Have to Use an Authorized Mechanic  One way to narrow your search when looking for a mechanic to work on a car with an extended warranty is determining if they have to be authorized or not.